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Investor Relations Policy

Hartmann aims to ensure that the company’s share price reflects the company’s financial values. The company’s IR function seeks to provide capital markets with relevant, timely, simultaneous and accurate information about Hartmann’s financial and strategic performance, opportunities and risks.

Hartmann wants to be perceived as an honest and trustworthy company through an open dialogue with capital markets based on easy access to the company’s executive board and IR function. This is to be achieved while observing applicable rules and legislation for listed companies on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Hartmann publishes all stock price sensitive information via its online distribution system as company announcements and on the company’s website in English. Hartmann provides the market with specific guidance for the coming year in the annual report and includes comments on this outlook in Quartalsberichte.

Hartmann engages in regular and open dialogue through investor meetings, and the executive board and IR function are always available for answering questions and clarifying information by phone or e-mail.

Questions are answered to the extent that they do not require disclosure of non-public information, conflict with considerations of competitiveness or could otherwise damage Hartmann.

For a period of four weeks prior to the planned release of the annual and interim financial reports, Hartmann does not comment on matters related to financial results or expectations unless they have already been distributed to the market.

Hartmann’s IR policy was approved by the board of directors on 17 August 2022.

Investor contact
For questions or requests please contact our investor relations team by phone or by filling out the form below.

Flemming Steen

Chief Financial Officer

Mobile +45 27 28 28 56

Phone +45 45 97 00 57