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Hooked on pirates

Hornbrooker uses pirates to appeal to children in Germany’s supermarkets

Have you noticed how some food brands have a children’s version of their product, sporting a fun, brightly coloured label? It’s a tried and tested tactic in categories such as yoghurt or fruit juice. But no one has ever tried it with eggs. Until now.

Hornbrooker Hof have enjoyed a healthy market share and a reputation for quality in northern Germany across four generations. And now they have decided it is time to appeal to children. To help them, they are using Hartmann’s mixed label technology. And cartoon pirates.

Hornbrooker’s new label transforms the egg carton into a pirate’s treasure chest. And guarding the treasure is either a boy with a pirate’s black beard or a girl waving a pirate flag, shouting “Ei ho, Ei hoo!” 


The label says, “Eggs arrh! Eggs aarrh! Let’s go and get the treasure: 6 free-range eggs!”


“Ei is German for egg,” explains Lena Goldnick, joint owner of Hornbrooker farm. “And the treasure inside the ‘treasure chest’ is six free-range eggs fresh from the Hornbrooker family farm.” 

Making two separate labels has turned out to be straightforward thanks to Hartmann’s mixed label technology. 



The labels are applied separately to imagic cartons. These are then stacked so that each palette has the same number of boy and girl pirates, making it extremely easy for the packers at the egg packing station. 

So if you go shopping in northern Germany, be sure to look out for pirate’s treasure.


06 May 2019
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