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More than a packaging manufacturer

Hartmann is celebrating a key milestone in its machine manufacturing journey.

While many know Hartmann as the world's leading manufacturer of moulded fibre egg packaging - some might not be aware it's also one of the world's largest manufacturers of machinery for the production of moulded fibre packaging.

In fact, just 19 years after Hartmann was founded in Denmark by three brothers in 1917, the family started designing and building their own machinery for packaging production. This technology is now used by packaging manufacturers in more than 40 countries across the world.


But that’s not all; Hartmann Technology is celebrating 40 years since it moved its operations to a brand-new facility in Tønder in Southern Denmark.

It was from here that Hartmann would lay the foundations for its current status as a world leader in the design, engineering and implementation of moulded fibre production technology, with its ‘best in class’ production line.

Digitisation and automation, as well as energy, environmental and safety considerations, are all at the forefront of Hartmann’s innovation journey. In fact, our production lines are getting increasingly smarter, with the use of robotics and other technology implemented for optimal workflows.

Henning Bekke Frisk, Senior Vice President of Hartmann Technology said: “It’s with great pleasure we celebrate 40 years of Hartmann Technology in Tønder. By producing both the packaging and the technology Hartmann can give its customers a unique and optimized offering based on continuous market learnings."

"Moulded fibre is a sustainable product that has been ahead of its time. We enable packaging manufacturers within the egg and fruit industry to follow this global trend – moving from plastic to paper packaging.”

Henning Bekke Frisk
Senior Vice President
Hartmann Technology


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03 March 2020
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