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Bulgarian egg exporter meets rising European demand

A sharp focus on quality allows Bulgaria’s ET Angelov to export 80% of its eggs to other European countries.

While egg production is strong throughout Europe, sometimes demand is even stronger. Many European countries have greater demand for eggs than they can keep up with domestically. Luckily, ET Angelov can help meet the needs of egg-hungry European consumers. A sharp focus on quality allows the company to successfully export 80% of its eggs to other European countries. 


Produced for European standards

ET Angelov holds a range of certifications for exporting eggs to the greater European market. Among them is the KAT certificate, which ensures compliance with regulations laid out by the EU. The certification also helps consumers understand whether their eggs were farmed using barn, free-range or organic production.

“European countries have high standards – no compromise can be made on quality,” says owner Ivan Angelov. “ET Angelov is able to meet these strict criteria on animal husbandry and hygiene with their high-quality eggs. Our eggs are sold in German, Swiss, Austrian, French and other European supermarkets.”

Quality packaging for quality eggs

ET Angelov’s high standards span beyond the eggs – packaging is top-notch as well. A fifth of their production is sold locally in large supermarket chains like Metro, Carrefour and Billa. The farm uses Hartmann’s imagic²® packaging to keep eggs fresh and safe on Bulgarian grocery shelves.

“On our farms, we attach great importance to sustainable production by only offering free-range and barn eggs,” says owner Ivan Angelov. “We extend that environmental focus to packaging by using moulded fibre egg cartons from Hartmann.”

The label for ten free-range eggs indicates the high proportion of nutrients like Omega 3.

About ET Angelov
Established in 1992 in southern Bulgaria, the family-owned company consists of three farms, a chicken growing center and a packing station. The farm also has its own feed factory, which allows for the use of purely vegetarian products for its poultry’s nutrition.

Furthermore ET Angelov is KAT certified which assures quality and humanitarian ways of caring for the laying hens.


What is KAT?
In 2000, the Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry created the first traceability system in the food industry, with the stamp on the egg which is a standard today in the European Union.

06 July 2020
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