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Paving the way to climate neutral egg production

The Sonnenei brand is becoming the most sustainable egg in Germany.

The eggs from Sonnenei ("sunny egg") are already organic, with hens given free access to open-air runs and fed with organic cereals. Now, German organic farming enterprise Mustergeflügelhof Leonhard Häde is taking its egg brand to a new level with COneutral egg production measures in place throughout its value chain.


Sonnenei’s COneutral value chain

An organic free-range egg has a carbon footprint of about 200 g. And Sonnenei is on its way to 0 g with a local value chain that keeps all production elements as close to the farm as possible. This includes:

  • Cradle-to-grave hen capacity, with laying hens raised directly on the farm
  • Locally sourced feed from farms just over 50 km away
  • Renewable energy from farm-based solar panels and biogas
  • Climate neutral egg packaging


In fact, sustainability doesn’t stop once the eggs are produced. Sonnenei eggs are sold in Hartmann’s moulded fibre, CO2 neutral egg packaging, with carbon emissions completely offset.

The Sonnenei range in imagic²®

“The COneutral imagic carton supports our efforts for climate neutral egg production. The transparency and traceability of our products help us show our customers why sustainability is important and how we hope to achieve a zero environmental footprint.”

Fabian Häde
Managing Director
Mustergeflügelhof Leonhard Häde

About Mustergeflügelhof Leonhard Häde
Founded in 1927, the German organic farm is a family-run traditional company. Even before the actual organic boom gripped Germany, the farm was one of the first to produce organic eggs in the mid-1970s. Today, Mustergeflügelhof Leonhard Häde offers a wider assortment of organic products including eggs, chicken, pasta and egg liqueur. The farm has a sharp focus on food safety, quality, animal welfare, ethics and sustainability.

For his commitment, Fabian Häde was awarded the CeresAward - farmer of the year - in 2019.

Housing types of German egg market 2019

Source: Marktinfo Eier & Geflügel, Germany

06 July 2020
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