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Sun shines on Romanian organic egg pioneers

A brand-new organic egg brand will shortly go on national sale in Romania, in a move pioneered by the country’s market leader and trendsetter, Toneli. Until now, almost all eggs sold on the retail market have been free-range, barn or enriched/battery eggs. Organic eggs, accounting for only 1% of the market, have been overlooked in the mix. However, since this amounts to some 25 million eggs a year and Toneli have identified total demand of over 40 million, they decided to gear up to meet this premium demand. 


An eye-catching label design makes organic eggs shine

And they’ve been similarly ambitious with their marketing plans, approaching Hartmann to design an unmistakably organic look to brand its chosen imagic²® 10-er pack.

Hartmann duly obliged with a charmingly fresh design that underlines the purity and naturalness of the product.

The basis of the label is a rich golden yellow to denote the life-giving rays of the sun, which will be overlaid onto the natural green imagic²® pack.

Deceptively simple, the whole concept has a feel of freshness, warmth, growth and the purity of the earth.

And that's not all:
To emphasize the sun’s rays, Toneli uses UV gloss varnish, a special, only partially-printed refinement, offered by Hartmann.

The pack design expresses the fresh, natural feel of a totally organic product, using a simple, innocent illustration style, a bright, sunny colour palette and an UV gloss varnish label refinement.

“Our creative collaboration with Hartmann brought our communication concept to life. It’s great to be able to use Hartmann’s sustainable moulded-fibre egg packaging, but the eye-catching label design has propelled it to another level, and we’re hugely confident of a successful market launch.”

Florin Panfile
Commercial Director


The launch campaign

From November 2020, the new premium range will be sold through all major retail chains in Romania (including Carrefour, Auchan, Lidl, Metro, Selgros and Kaufland). The launch will be supported by an extensive, integrated campaign through conventional media, social media, influencers, food bloggers, out of home billboards and various trade activities.

Who are Toneli
Since 1998, Toneli has been bringing the values of tradition, experience and quality to the Romanian egg market. Today, they pretty much cover the entire value chain, with their own GMO-free feeding facilities, state-of-the-art packing centre and fully EU-compliant farms, which either rear day-old hatchlings or produce eggs for consumption. They distribute throughout Romania and also export to the EU, Middle East and Asia. Toneli’s industry experience and expertise is both broad and deep – the team includes farmers, egg producers, veterinarians, engineers and nutritionists who specialise in poultry feed – all of which gives credence to their tagline "The real master of the egg".

How the Romanians like their eggs

The population of Romania is around 19.5 million. They have a huge appetite for eggs – each eating on average 282 of them in 2019. A remarkable 60% of these were home-laid.

However, almost 30% (by volume) of the remainder were supplied by Toneli, according to their information.

Source: European Commission, 2019

07 October 2020
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