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A charity that lays golden eggs for families in Cambodia

Charity is so much more valuable when it goes beyond the present and gives people a meaningful future. This is the principle behind the “1 Rooster – 2 Hens” initiative set up by the international charity World Vision- one of the largest independent aid organisations in the world.


First there was the hen, then the egg

The project 1 Rooster – 2 Hens seeks out Cambodian smallholder families with ambitions of owning a chicken farm and gifts them with the fundamentals of a real business – namely one rooster and two hens. It means they can be self-sufficient, but also build a sustainable income to fund their children’s education and have a business to pass on to them.

The kids love to take care of the hens, feeding and playing with them daily. So what began as a way to earn an income brings joy to the whole family.

This initiative brings families together, giving them the know-how they need to build a strong business.

But the support doesn’t stop there

World Vision’s local team will then train them to raise and care for chickens, run a business, make business partners and sell on their products. They’ll be connected to markets and business opportunities. They get support through the launch and growth of their business and will always have someone on hand to help.

So this Christmas, our commitment for the 1 Rooster – 2 Hens campaign will give 350 people in Cambodia a leg-up in the egg industry. For Hartmann, as a key manufacturer of egg packaging, this presents a perfect opportunity to support. We’ll be keeping you updated about the project, what it achieves and the lives and businesses of those it helps. We thank World Vision for giving us the opportunity to make a tangible, sustainable difference to people’s lives.

Hartmann team wishes the families we’ve been able to help, our customers and everyone else a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.

About World Vision
With people in around 100 countries, World Vision is one of the largest independent aid organisations in the world. For over 70 years, it has fought poverty and given emergency aid, defended rights and fought globally for justice and to end violence against children. With its international network and partners such as UNICEF and the World Food Programme, World Vision provides rapid assistance in disasters and supports local crisis management. Over the years, its development projects have brought sustainable improvements in living conditions for children and their families worldwide.

16 December 2020
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