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Brand makeover makes it easier to buy more eggs

In Sweden, buying eggs can be confusing. From types of housing, the size of eggs, size of packaging and even the type of feed used for the egg-laying hens, there’s such a wide variety of choice. 

When you’re standing in the supermarket aisle, all that choice can be overwhelming. So market-leading Swedish egg producer Stjärnägg decided to do something about it. They started by commissioning a survey of consumers and retailers across Sweden to get an overview of how Swedes behave when they are in the egg department of the local supermarket.

A survey of Swedish egg consumers
In addition to learning how hard it was to find the right eggs, they learned that on average Swedish consumers:

  • Visit the egg department once a week
  • Spend 15 seconds in the egg department
  • Buy just one pack of eggs at a time
  • Don’t go to the shops when they run out of eggs, but wait until the next shopping day

365 Eggs
After sifting through all the data, Stjärnägg decided to give the look and feel of their entire range a makeover. They came up with ‘365 Eggs’, an instore strategy aimed at making it easier for shoppers to make the right choices.

This meant taking a completely new approach to the design of packaging and instore displays. Stjärnägg chose imagic egg cartons to give them an artisan feel along with a large, uninterrupted smooth surface for the new messaging. As you can see from the example below, not only is the new design easy to read, it’s also eye-catching.

Impressive increase in sales
The results have been overwhelmingly positive from consumers and retailers alike. Shoppers seem to appreciate help navigating the egg departments in large stores. And the stores themselves appreciate an increase in egg sales of up to 30%.

Who is Stjärnägg?
Owned by four families for the last three generations, Stjärnägg is Sweden’s market-leading supplier of eggs. Family members are very much active in the business, operating packaging stations in Linköping, Helsingborg, Halmstad and Öland. With an emphasis on sustainable, local production, Stjärnägg provides the whole of Sweden with a wide range of eggs – and an easy system for making the right choice. 


“Sales are impressive. The combination of a strong design and Hartmann’s imagic cartons really help us stand out on the shelves with messaging that’s crisp, clear and easy to get.”

Håkan Burlin
Managing Director

30 September 2019
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