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Switzerland’s national egg gets a makeover

Hartmann’s new design for a Swiss egg brand.

Switzerland has seen a steady increase in egg consumption since launching and promoting a national egg brand. Now it’s time for a makeover.

In 2019, Swiss consumers reported eating an average of 184 eggs per person annually. That’s the highest level since 2001 – and it’s not by chance. Swiss egg producers have been working hard to promote the health benefits of eggs with GalloSuisse, an association that represents two-thirds of all egg producers and breeders in the country.

GalloSuisse aims to represent the interest of Swiss egg producers by promoting locally-produced eggs and optimal production conditions.



The results of these efforts include Das Schweizer Ei (“The Swiss Egg”), a brand of origin that represents local eggs.

The brand includes barn and free-range eggs produced under high ecological standards with GMO-free feed.

Promoting Das Schweizer Ei

To promote Das Schweizer Ei, GalloSuisse provides its members with a marketing package that includes a website, brochures, participation in fairs and exhibitions, social media posts and TV commercials.

Das Schweizer Ei is frequently featured at Swiss trade fairs and exhibitions.

Packaging to match the brand

Hartmann’s imagic® egg cartons are used to create uniform packaging for small and medium-sized egg producers. The packaging features a Hartmann-designed label that uses the iconic colours of the Swiss flag combined with appetising images of egg dishes. It also includes the hashtag #DasEiKanns (“The egg can do it”) and a QR code for direct access to promotional videos.

imagic® (E9812)

imagic® (E9910)

"We changed the way we talk about eggs in Switzerland to focus on taste and versatility in cooking. Thanks to Hartmann’s creativity, we have now been able to upgrade our egg cartons with a new and enticing design.”

Willi Neuhauser
Gallo Suisse


06 July 2020
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