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From Earth to Table – Introducing Det Bæredygtige Æg in Denmark

A new egg brand from DAVA Foods adds sustainability to the entire value chain.

Meaning “The Sustainable Egg” in Danish, Det Bæredygtige Æg from DAVA Foods takes organic to a new level. Launched in March 2020, the product is an organic egg produced under sustainable conditions that benefit animal welfare, the environment and consumers equally.

What makes Det Bæredygtige Æg special?

  • Biodiversity – Plants and flowers grow in farm areas to help wild insects and wildlife. Hives also contribute to the local ecosystem, which includes at least five crops.
  • Chicken housing – The organic hens have year-round access to outdoor areas that consist of 70% plants. About a third of their feed and all of their forage comes from their own or surrounding fields.
  • Production – Farms use green energy like solar panels in daily operations and do not use pesticides.
  • Packaging and transport – Eggs are packaged in Hartmann’s imagic for eight eggs, which is made of 100% recyclable moulded fibre. For transport, eggs are sent using grass boxes that have a 26% lower climate footprint than traditional cardboard boxes, according to DAVA Foods.

A higher level of ecology
Creating truly sustainable eggs means focusing on every step of the value chain, from a chicken’s first breath to the supermarket shelf. DAVA Foods concentrates on sustainability in all areas: from incubation to egg-laying and production to packaging.

Ivan Noes, CEO DAVA Foods, Denmark

"Is it possible to make eco-friendly eggs even more eco-friendly? YES! Every day, we work to make our production even more responsible and sustainable. Hartmann’s imagic gives us the best chance to promote our work following the launch of Det Bæredygtige Æg in Danish supermarkets.”

Ivan Noes
DAVA Foods

About DAVA Foods
Headquartered in Denmark, DAVA Foods has been supplying shell eggs and pasteurized egg products to the Danish market since 1980. Production is currently at an estimated 1.6 billion eggs per year. DAVA Foods has grown beyond Danish borders to include operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. The company now has six packing facilities, four egg product factories and a boiling house.

Housing types chart from Danish egg market 2018

Source: IEC Annual Review 2019

06 July 2020
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