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Handsome packaging for handsome eggs

Hartmann’s Hybrid egg cartons make America’s Handsome Brook Farms’ eggs safe and stylish.


What exactly makes an egg handsome?
For one company founded in upstate New York it’s a combination of freshness, quality, and sustainability.

Handsome Brook Farms eggs are pasture-raised, organic, and American Humane CertifiedTM. This means that each hen gets more than 108 square feet of personal outdoor space – perfect for foraging, dust bathing, and stretching their wings. Hills, woodlands, and abundant shade and water give Handsome Brook hens a stress-free environment where they can thrive.

Representing a bright brand
That hen-nirvana is represented on Handsome Brook Farms’ iconic packaging. The eggs grab the shopper’s attention in the supermarket thanks to colourful Hartmann Hybrid egg cartons. With a traditional moulded fibre bottom and a paperboard top, the organic eggs are housed in an eye-catching package that is as high-end as the eggs themselves.

Handsome Brook Farms believes that the future of animal and land husbandry is bright. The cartons’ vibrant colours reflect the green pastures, blue skies, and bright yellow sunshine of a new tomorrow. The makeover of the egg carton is based on studies showing that consumers are increasingly paying attention to what they are eating and how it is getting from farm to table. 


Hartmann’s Hybrid packaging is designed for small to extra-large eggs. This 12-count egg carton is only available in North America.

"The Hybrid egg packaging from Hartmann played a role in the growth of Handsome Brook Farm. It lets us communicate in a much clearer way who we are as a brand, what our brand name is, what we stand for, and what our product is all about.”

Matthew Sherman
Chief Marketing Officer
Handsome Brook Farms


About Handsome Brook Farms

Founded with five hens in upstate New York in 2007, Handsome Brook Farms has grown into the largest producer of organic pasture-raised eggs in the United States, with more than 80 partner farms in 10 states. 
The network of small family farms was built to bring organic, pasture-raised eggs to supermarkets and tables across the country. The products can be found at local grocery stores including Walmart, Sprouts and Publix.

Source: The Nielsen Company (US)

What is American Humane?

Founded in 1877, American Humane claims to be the largest certifier of animal welfare in the world, offering broad-based farm and conservation animal welfare certifications.

American Humane Certified™ assures that products carrying the label meet the highest standards of animal welfare, which are verified by regular third-party audits

06 July 2020
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