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New on-pack campaign helps to raise standards in raising poultry

French egg producers, Les Fermiers de Loué have produced a powerful new cross-selling promotion on packs of Loué Label Rouge eggs, to encourage customers to try other high-quality meat products from their range.

Loué’s eggs and meat products are sold in all major retail chains across France, but customers often just buy their favourite products and have yet to try the rest in the range. So the executives at Loué identified an opportunity to cross sell to loyal customers, and also to bring the message to new customers.


The promotional campaign

The promotion was unmissable on the front of the pack on shelf.

Voucher for cutting out was printed inside the lid.

Throughout September 2020, the on-pack promotion ran on free range eggs, with a disrupter on the front label directing buyers to further instructions inside the lid. The promotion encouraged buyers to cut out the coupon to get a discount on other Loué poultry products. Vouchers are valid until 31.12.2021 at participating supermarkets throughout France, including Corsica.

“This cross promotion is an exciting way to promote the variety of egg and poultry products across the Loué brand. It’ll make it easier for us to attract consumers who are already loyal to the Loué brand and make the most of their potential for increased spend. Thanks to Hartmann’s imagic pack with its large front area, the message was hard to ignore on the shelf.”

Christophe Bériard
CEO, Les Fermiers de Loué

About Les Fermiers de Loué & Label Rouge

For over 60 years, Les Fermiers de Loué have been flag-bearers for high quality and animal welfare in the French food industry.

Their Label Rouge is widely recognised as a symbol of wholesome, sustainable produce.

The historic guild began in 1958, when a group of visionary farmers got together at the agricultural show in Loué, to set a standard that would maintain the quality of their trade.

They vowed to raise poultry according to strict animal welfare guidelines and to encourage the spread of these farming methods across France. 



The meat and eggs of the region have been praised since the middle ages by writers and poets, emperors, aristocrats and gastronomes, from Racine to Louis XIV, but this historic alliance sought to formalise and regulate the standards for the first time.

Label Rouge free range eggs are laid by hens raised outdoors in wooded meadows on family farms, under Protected Geographical Indication. They’re fed a Non-GMO diet (<0.9%) of local grains and the eggs are collected by hand twice a day.

How the French like their eggs

The population of France is about 67 million. On average each person consumed 229 eggs in 2020. The share of organic housing is one of the highest in Europe.

07 October 2020
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