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Happy World Egg Day!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we celebrate one of the world’s greatest wonders – the humble, incredible egg.


Small but powerful

You can’t beat an egg when it comes to healthy, sustainable nutrition. These little grenades of goodness pack the highest quality of proteins available in Nature, along with choline (essential for development of the brain and nervous system) and most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants the human body needs (including vitamins A, B, D and E). So it’s basically the world’s tastiest vitamin pill!

It’s also the most versatile – what other food can be cooked in so many ways, and form a staple of just about every cuisine around the globe?

Being so affordable, eggs are also playing a huge part in eradicating malnutrition in the poorer corners of the earth. And of course, few other protein sources can beat an egg for sustainability.

Thanks to new efficiencies and ongoing commitments made right through the production and supply chain, the egg’s environmental footprint has shrunk considerably over the last 50 years.

Worldwide egg consumption 2019, Source: International Egg Commission

Pack and perform

Millions of eggs have Hartmann to thank for their safe journey from the henhouse to the home. A century of knowledge and experience goes into our packaging design and technology.

Hartmann assures maximum egg protection, maximum factory efficiency and climate-neutral raw materials.

Our understanding of the latest market trends and most effective packaging designs have raised sales and delighted category managers and egg marketers everywhere. But today, it’s our turn to say thank you to the egg.

Naturally, the occasion will be a little different this year, thanks to COVID-19. But we’re still going to make the most of all the communication channels at our disposal to help the world appreciate this unique pod of nutritious perfection and invite you to join us.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the egg! 

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What is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day is the one day of the year when the world turns egg-shaped. Established in Vienna in 1996 to promote the benefits of eggs and their value in human nutrition, it’s now a worldwide celebration.

On the second Friday in October every year, egg lovers and the egg industry come together to promote the virtues of this natural wonder food.

World Egg Day is organised by the International Egg Commission (IEC) – the organisation that represents the egg industry globally.

07 October 2020
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