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Big eggs, little eggs, eco-friendly box

French egg brand Matines now sells multiple egg sizes in one pack


Eggs are traditionally sorted and packaged by size – but this can mean quite a bit of wastage when some don’t quite match the standard size.
What’s more, it’s a bit of a disconnect from Nature. When our grandparents’ generation collected eggs from the farm, they’d come in an assortment of sizes – small ones laid by young hens and larger ones from older hens.

And – says French egg brand Matines – there was nothing wrong with that. Every egg is precious. And it tastes just as good no matter what size it is.

So Matines launched a new organic and free-range egg brand offering a jumble of sizes in the same egg carton – like they were just scooped from the coop.

They’ve called the brand "Le Panier du poulailler" (” the basket from the henhouse”), which emphasizes the fresh, natural quality of the eggs, and it’s sold in various retail chains across France.

Matines maintains that Le Panier du poulailler is raising the bar for responsible food consumption and meeting the demand of French consumers looking for a sustainable product that minimizes waste.

One size fits all with Hartmann’s Plus Pack™ solution

Having made this commitment, Matines needed a new carton design. Of course, they chose Hartmann's newly launched Plus Pack™ for 6 and 12 eggs. The Plus Pack™ range has recently been optimised and its sustainability profile is further enhanced.

What’s more, with its large area for direct print, it’s a great marketing choice with all that extra space for communication.

Hartmann’s 6 and 12-egg Plus Pack™ was perfect for Matines' new brand, with reduced environmental impact and lots of space for direct printing.

The Plus Pack™ is the perfect solution for Matines meet its sustainability profile and reduce CO2 emissions - the brand even replaced the labels to reduce paper consumption. Le Panier du poulailler eggs are packaged in an eco-friendly carton with the branding printed directly onto the box.

“Plus Pack™ was the ideal choice for our new product. As an eco-friendly brand, it had to be sustainable packaging, and the printing area is huge, so we have so much more marketing space to work with! Indeed, direct printing helps consumers in the quest to reduce their waste (as there is no label) and perfectly complements our zero waste concept.”

Pierre Simonet
Brand Manager

About Matines

This popular French egg brand was founded more than 30 years ago by a network of 10 regional egg producers. In 1992, it was the first brand to introduce organic eggs to France. Nowadays it offers a wide choice, including organic, free-range and fresh barn eggs.


08 October 2021
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