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Fresh new label turbocharges eggs from mobile henhouses

Fresh eggs from movable coops

Hof Kipp (Hof = farm or courtyard in German) is a German family farm that produces free-range eggs. Since 2020, they’ve been raising their hens in mobile henhouses set in lush pasture because owners Christian and Ariane Kipp believe it’s the optimal environment for the health and happiness of the chickens.

The free-range eggs are sold through a vending machine on the farm itself, and more recently at the local Rewe market.


Hartmann lends creative support boost shelf appeal

Until now, the product information was carried by a sticker on the egg packaging - small and inconspicuous, but good enough to sell through the vending machine. But now with the eggs on sale in the local supermarket they need to seriously compete on the shelf - so the owners of Hof Kipp called on Hartmann's creative service.

First, they opted for our 1x10 imagic® in grass green. Then they set the design bar high: an outstanding label to reflect the regionality and quality of these free-range, mobile-henhouse eggs. They gave us a free hand in the design.

So we created two concepts. Both delivering the same message but in completely different styles: one employing classical imagery, and the other an illustrated, more abstract version.

One message two concepts: The classical design...

...and the illustrative design.

Finally, they plumped for the illustrated route as it represented a bolder break with the past, even though they appreciated the strengths of both options. The chosen design has been drawing customers into the shelves of the local Rewe supermarket since the beginning of September 2021.

“Working with Hartmann was simple, straightforward and professional, and we love our new egg packaging. You can’t help but notice it when you’re packing the eggs – you see the quality and the beauty. The packs are simply beautiful to look at.”

Christian Kipp
Hof Kipp

About Hof Kipp

Hof Kipp is a family farm in Lengerich, Germany, originally built in the 40s by the grandfather of Christian Kipp, who took it over with his wife, Ariane, in 2016. Besides non-GMO free-range eggs, the farm also sells handmade pasta and egg liqueur made from their own eggs.

08 October 2021
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