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Think Protection

Moulded fibre combined with a robust product design offers a protective strength far superior to plastic.

Think Efficiency

Hartmann’s moulded fibre egg cartons are known for their efficiency, runability and problem-free denesting on all machine types.

Think Attractiveness

Hartmann’s premium egg cartons offer a high carton finish with a smooth surface for clean and crisp colors.

Think Saleability

Plenty of space on the egg carton for a large label and a wide array of opportunities for creative label design make it easy for the shopper to make the right choice.

Think Sustainability

Moulded fibre is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Think Performance – Raise the Bar

Effective Protection
All Hartmann egg cartons are made using strong moulded fiber in designs that give you great protection from egg damage.

Sustainable Materials
Hartmann’s moulded fibre packaging is made from recycled paper. The packaging itself can be recycled and reused and is also biodegradable for easy disposal after use. 

Fast-Moving Sales
Clearly visible eggs without opening the carton or breathtaking labeling for specialty brands mean fast-moving sales and retailer preference.

Smooth and Efficient Egg Packing
Excellent shapes with good handling properties mean efficient stacking, high machine runability, and low storage requirement.

Find Your Product

Use the egg carton product finder to see which Hartmann packaging solutions best fit your products and brands. Simply select an egg size and the number of eggs per carton.

Think Packing

Maximum Runability
Egg packaging that is expressly designed for runability and storage logistics enables maximum uptime, maximum throughput, minimum costs, and on-time in-full (OTIF) delivery.

Maximum Protection
Robust egg packaging designed to prevent or minimize breakage enables delivery in-full, maximum revenue, and complete customer satisfaction.

Maximum Consumer Attractiveness
Attractive egg packaging that is aligned with the brand and engages the consumer means higher sales and higher margins.

Think Retailing

High Private Label Performance
The correct egg carton design for the right product based on documented market data and consumer insights maximizes salability of private label products.

All-Round POS Performance
Documented regional and national consumer preferences for particular products enable procurement and shelf management that maximize sales revenues and margins.

The Right Packaging for Each Particular Product
Hartmann’s design tool lets you visualize a given egg carton type using numerous graphic designs and colors, providing print-ready design data.

Everything Else Related To Eggs

Tap into the world of industry-leading table egg handling and processing technologies at our affiliated company specialising in solutions that ensure affordable proteins for a growing global population.



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