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Hartmann is the leading specialist in moulded fibre packaging and reflects upon more than a century of experience and knowledge harvested together with our customers.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1917, Hartmann is headquartered in Gentofte, Denmark. We are:

  • The world’s leading manufacturer of moulded fibre egg packaging with approximately 2,500 employees.

  • The world’s largest manufacturer of technology for producing moulded fibre packaging.

  • The market-leading producer of fruit packaging in South America, where we operate under the name of Sanovo Greenpack, and in India.

Since 2012 we are part of THORNICO (97.6% shareholding) with extensive experience from the egg industry.

Our strong market position is founded on our long-term partnerships with customers and unique technological know-how and expertise gained from experience in moulded fibre production since 1936.

We closely collaborate with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, which is also a part of the THORNICO conglomerate, as we have vastly overlapping markets and customers.

Whom We Serve

We sell egg and fruit packaging to producers, packing businesses and retail chains, all of which are increasingly turning to us to benefit from our expertise, both technically and in branding and selling their products. Our moulded fibre packaging is sold in markets all over the world with Europe, South America and North America as our key markets. We are a market leader in Europe and in South America and India, where our product portfolio also includes fruit packaging.

Since 1936 our customers have benefited from a long line of cutting-edge egg packaging innovations. Among those, the Mini Poster PackTM egg carton, the first to offer labelled packaging, followed by imagic® with an unprecedented high shelf visibility, emotional design and an increased advertising area. Further development led to imagic²®, which was the first egg carton to do away with the hole in the front.

Hartmann moulded fibre production technology and related services are sold to manufacturers of moulded fibre packaging in selected markets.


The World We Live In

Sustainability and environmental considerations are integral to Hartmann’s business model and strategy. Biodegradable moulded fibre packaging, produced from recycled paper, forms the foundation of our business. We are firmly committed to driving positive change by reducing CO2e emissions by 50% by 2030. Equally important are our commitments to human and labour rights across our entire value chain.


What We Share

  • Technical knowledge
  • Market knowledge
  • Consumer knowledge
  • Professional skills


Explore Our Company

Read the story about how three brothers started the journey that turned a local factory producing machines for paper bags into a global company.


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