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Seeing is Believing

A classic view style pack with an open top, a feeling of freshness, and sturdy carton reliability that make a great option for your commodity egg sales.

Think Fresh and Strong

Viewing Pleasure
HartVue® lets consumers see your eggs prior to purchase without opening the carton.

Excellent Ventilation
The carton features a top with maximum airflow for excellent ventilation and egg cooling under refrigeration.

Sturdy and Reliable
Designed for extreme protection from all directions and a stable top with push-button opening and closing.

1x12 HartVue®R8612
3.9" - 4.1"
2.6" - 2.8"
11.4" - 11.8"
1x18 HartVue®R8218
5.8" - 5.9"
2.6" - 2.7"
11.7" - 11.9"
1x12 HartVue® Jumbo R8712
4.1" - 4.5"
3.0" - 3.1"
11.8" - 12.2"
Product Description

HartVue® stands for freshness in the commodity segment with push-button closure and three popular sizes – small through extra large eggs in a 12- or 18-count carton, and jumbo eggs in a 12-count carton. HartVue® is known for its direct view of the eggs and its sturdy design for robust and reliable product protection.

HartVue® is a traditional gray molded fiber egg carton made from recycled paper. The print on the top and front of the lid with up to four colors clearly conveys the product statement.

Use the download service for machine settings and other specifications.

Dielines / Module Sizes

All HartVue® dielines / module sizes are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format:

  Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Direct print DP 1x12 HartVue.PDF
  Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Direct print DP 1x12 HartVueJumbo.PDF
  Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Direct print DP 1x18 HartVue.PDF
Product Data Sheets

Product specifications.

Ink Chart

Selected pantone colours for direct print.

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