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Think Technology

Hartmann is a world market leader in the design, engineering and implementation of moulded fibre production technology. You can use our technology to achieve the same high efficiency, quality and sustainability across more than 150 production lines in more than 40 countries around the world.

Think Technology

Moulded Fibre Technology

Hartmann Technology has designed and built moulded fibre machines and equipment for more than 70 years for the Group’s own companies and for packing stations / packaging producers around the world.

As a customer, you benefit from a state-of-the-art moulded fibre technology platform comprising complete production lines, moulds, tooling and spare parts, as well as a comprehensive service and technology support concept.


Think Value – Raise the Bar

  • Optimum Quality, Reliability and Efficiency
    Benefit from the latest moulded fibre production technology.

  • In-Depth Knowledge Transfer and Expertise
    Benefit from 70 years of innovation.

  • Sustainability
    Small environmental footprint with sustainable fibre moulding processes.
Explore the Hartmann Technology Machinery Programme
Technology Upgrades

Choose between a wide range of equipment upgrades for energy savings, performance improvement, production cost reduction and waste management.

Mould Programme

Benefit from precision moulds and tools providing the ideal base for efficient production of moulded pulp products of the highest quality.

Customer Service

Count on our commitment to providing continuing support based on close dialogue and long-term agreements.


Think for a moment about why we share our moulded fibre technology with external customers and licensees instead of simply selling fully manufactured moulded fibre packaging. The answer is simple. We strive to fulfil demand for state-of-the-art, reliable and efficient packing technology in locations all over the world where local production is more efficient for our customers than deliveries of moulded fibre packaging from our own production sites.


Tap into Hartmann’s knowledge and expertise, and our close collaboration with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, to find options that will help you increase performance with a short payback time and an attractive ROI.


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Contact Your Hartmann Technology Specialist
Contact Susanne Charlotte Hansen to discuss how we can best help you with moulded fibre packaging production.

Susanne Charlotte Hansen

Coordinator, Hartmann Technology

Phone +45 45 97 01 22