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Natural coloured shell eggs are a high-end hit

Deep in the French countryside, not far from the majestic Loire Valley lies the old fortified village of Savigny sur Braye. Here, the family-run La Ferme de Mont Saint Pere rears 20,000 laying hens.

All are fed by the farm’s own organic crops with animal welfare a top priority. Now in the 4th generation, the farm has undergone a recent shift from a white label producer that made products for other brands to an independent entity, with all eggs marketed under its own brand name.

Then in 2018 the existing bio egg range was extended to encompass natural coloured shell eggs, of chocolate, white, brown, and even blue. The eggs, which result from the specific hen’s breed, are unique to France.


Communicating quality

They are seen as a premium product and the farm set out on a mission to communicate this to a sophisticated and conscious consumer group who attach importance to organic farming, high quality and outstanding, unusual products.

Therefore, La Ferme de Mont Saint Pere required egg packaging that reflected their consumers’ higher critique and buying power.

A premium redesign

The redesign kept the yellow colour which was already associated with La Ferme de Mont Saint Pere. Yet, the update also gave the product a more contemporary look to match the sophistication of the high-end buyer.

With an informative and easily comprehensible label, it is easy for consumers to make an informed choice without displaying the eggs.

Owner Ludovic Rigoreau said: “Hartmann supported us with building a coherent packaging range thanks to a complete understanding of the message we wanted to pass to our customers.”

Natural coloured shell eggs resulting from the specific hen's breed.

03 March 2020
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