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A fresh breath of creativity

Hartmann is delighted to improve its creativity offering with an exciting new hire in our Eschborn office near Frankfurt, Germany.

Sandra Ott joined Hartmann as Marketing & Creative Director on November 1, 2019. She succeeds Hubert Giesendorf, who has retired after 30 years. Her role also covers areas previously managed by Carsten Sandau, who now works for Hartmann group senior management focussing on patents, consumer studies and commercial support.


Sandra you’ve spent 10 years working as a Creative Director, with a total of 20 years’ advertising agency experience under your belt. Why did you choose to move into the packaging industry?

Because from the very first conversation I had with Hartmann, everything seemed to fit. I feel very comfortable with the world of sustainable packaging and the many interesting issues associated with the egg industry. Above all, I have found a great many committed and open-minded people here. How does experience from your previous roles help?In my previous roles – especially in a Point of Sale advertising agency -

I amassed a lot of experience in Food & Beverage. It’s not just a case of eyecatching designs on packaging that encourages shoppers to look and buy, but also strong PoS promotions, with or without up-selling or cross-selling effects. I’m delighted as a designer I can get involved with discussions about the development of egg cartons and bring my ideas to the table.

What is your top priority right now?

My main priority will be building an
effective and united Marketing & Creative Services team in order to offer strong

support to Hartmann’s customers all over Europe with lots of fresh ideas for product marketing.

Why should customers be excited by your appointment?

Albert Einstein once said: ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ This means that our international customers can look
forward to having a creative person on board who, together with a highly motivated team, will bring plenty of fun and enjoyment to the development of their marketing activities, while also driving them forward into the future.

03 March 2020
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