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Big message: Small label

Today’s conscious consumers are not just demanding products with a better environmental footprint, but also products that meet higher standards. It is therefore important for consumers to gain the information they need from product packaging in order to make an informed purchase.


German retailer REWE is leading the way when it comes to creating and following high animal welfare standards.

Over the past years the group has been making headway in its bid to stop male chick culling and the beak trimming of laying hens. With over 15,000 stores and the sale of a billion private label shell eggs each year, it is fair to say REWE’s products have an incredibly vast reach and a lot of consumers to inform.

Bartholomäus Malcherek, Head of Purchasing and Development of Fresh and Frozen Produce Private Labels national/international for the REWE Group, said: “We want to be the pioneers in stopping the culling of male chicks at home and abroad. As a retail organization, we are sending out a clear signal by structuring our supply chains on a fundamentally no-kill basis.”

But how to communicate this effectively when there is only a limited amount of space on a packaging label? It is very simple. REWE decided on the double-sided printable peel-off labels from Hartmann that could hold a striking design to both grab attention and provide information. These created the extra space needed to tell a bigger story around REWE’s bold initiative, while still keeping a clean and compelling design.


A compelling vision

Peel-off the label in the corner and discover everything about the "Herz Bube" eggs.


By using Hartmann’s peel-off labels REWE is able to meet the needs of today’s consumers who demand more information about their products’ supply chain than ever before.

The label can easily be removed from the egg carton and has plenty of space on the back to inform buyers about REWE’s initiatives for higher animal welfare.

What does it say on the label?

Penny, a supermarket chain belonging to the REWE group, uses the peel-off label shown on the right side for its barn eggs. "Herz Bube" is the German term for “Jack of the hearts”. The label's back describes how male chick culling and beak trimming is counteracted.

On the one hand, the male chicks are reared in stalls with distraction material like pick stones and straw, and on the other hand, the beaks of laying hens are not shortened. In addition, the hens are fed GM-free feed. 

All these measures contribute to the fact that the eggs also carry the PRO PLANET label. 

Front and back of the "Herz Bube" label

03 March 2020
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