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Semi-automatic or fully automatic stacking and packing systems for egg tray production.

Think Value – Raise the Bar

  • Flexible, Smooth Operation
    Hartmann egg tray stacking and packing systems are designed to operate in-line, synchronised with the moulding machine and the oven.

  • Efficiency
    100% control of the placement and movements of the egg trays on the conveyor, resulting in lower waste, increased productivity and better working conditions.

  • Automation
    Ability to fully automate the process from tipping until the bundles of egg trays are shrink-wrapped.

This new, flexible tray conveying and stacking system is based on one carrier tip – enabling 100% control of the placement of the product on the conveyor.

The minimised misplacement of products results in lower waste, increased productivity, better working conditions and reduced manpower – depending on the final setup!

The stackers can be combined with an automatic bundle separation and compacting unit, as well as strapping or shrink-wrapping.

Egg Trays, Fruit Trays, Wine Trays, etc.
Aftertreatment line for trays starting with:
  • Tray loosener
  • Tipping device
  • Chute, conveyors
  • Stacker, bundle compacter
  • Wrapper
  • Palletiser etc.
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