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Pulp Preparation

Whether you need a complete production line or specific machinery together with moulds and tooling, you can acquire production solutions for moulded fibre packaging that best meet your needs.

Think Value – Raise the Bar

  • Lower Costs
    Pulp preparation solutions that optimise energy consumption and water consumption and minimise operation costs.

  • Sustainability
    Lower energy consumption and effective water treatment.

  • Service and Support
    A committed partner to optimise efficiency and running costs.
Full range of effective pulp cleaning equipment
Low, medium and high-consistency pulping
Efficient raw material handling
Controlled chemical dosing
Effective energy management
Full range of water cleaning systems
PLC process automation
Quality and consistency control
Contact Your Hartmann Technology Specialist
Feel free to contact Susanne Charlotte Hansen to discuss your pulp preparation needs. We are always ready to discuss your pulp preparation needs to ensure high quality and efficient moulded fibre packaging production.

Susanne Charlotte Hansen

Coordinator, Hartmann Technology

Phone +45 45 97 01 22