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You don’t have to be a big egg producer to use Hartmann's sustainable cartons

Ever wondered how smaller egg producers (who can’t order large volumes), get to use Hartmann egg cartons? Okay, you haven’t - but we’re going to tell you anyway…


How it all began

About 10 years ago, we teamed up with a wonderful family business in the USA called The Egg Carton Store® (TECS). Founded in 2010 by Sheri and Bill Swanson, TECS® gives vital support to backyard farmers, egg producers and hobbyists.

They are wholesaling sustainable packaging solutions (along with other poultry products) in smaller volumes and giving branding, marketing and packaging advice to help them grow and manage their businesses. They even produce a regular blog and newsletter, packed with insights about the egg industry.

It’s a global business, with a focus on North America and the Caribbean through their online shop at

At TECS® webstore, smaller farmers and family businesses can order Hartmann's egg cartons directly online.

They can choose between classic or premium egg cartons, directly printed or labelled, and they can even select different label sizes.

A true partnership

TECS® is an ideal partner for Hartmann. Both companies share deeply-held values to enable all types of businesses to access paper-based egg cartons, regardless of size and order volume.

By acting as an intermediary wholesaler of imagic and the US-exclusive HartTop cartons, TECS® also supports small businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. We even know of a former small business that grew so well through the support of the partnership that it’s now become a direct customer of Hartmann!

The Local Hens® branded Hartmann HartTop egg carton is exclusive to North America - and TECS® and The Local Hens® enable all kind of farms to access sustainable, paper based packaging solutions to sell their products.

In the last year, due to Covid-19, it became even stronger, as both companies stepped up their efforts to ensure uninterrupted supplies to the small farms who rely on them.

It’s a true partnership, with both TECS® and Hartmann regularly exchanging industry news, information and business ideas.

Hartmann’s imagic² offers a huge advertising space for full-colour visuals – and TECS® gives smaller customers the perfect way to purchase the quantity they need.

Would you like to know more about the Local Hens the product? Then simply visit their website

Swanson Family visit to Hilo, HI famers market Left to Right: Blake, Bill, Sheri, Katherine and Natalie Swanson.

“For a small farm, it’s tough even during good times. In hard times (particularly pandemics) it’s harder still if you can’t get quality egg packaging. These small farms - made up of real families with moms, dads, grandparents, and children - simply wouldn’t survive without Hartmann’s commitment.

Hartmann gets this - they were the only pulp egg packaging company in North America that continued to find ways to supply these farms as the best they could. That’s what makes them special.”


Bill Swanson
The Egg Carton Store®


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02 July 2021
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