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It's goodbye to the Mini Poster Pack™...

...and hello to the new Plus Pack™

Our Mini Poster Pack™ and Plus Pack™ egg cartons (E3310) have been every egg's hero for more than 30 years in Europe – but the world moves on. Modern needs, production methods and profitability targets demand a technological evolution in egg packaging.

So, let us introduce you to the new-generation Plus Pack™ (E3210). 


We're going to make your eggs fly




Think better use of space, better egg protection, more efficient machinability. Think stunning sales appeal and smarter sustainability. 

Think packaging that pleases everyone in the production chain, everyone in sales – and the consumer too.

The new Plus Pack™ technology means your product will fly through the packing process much faster and more efficiently than before, whatever the machine type.

Think Stackability

Stronger packs, lower denesting height and eight denesters in the corners – so that more packs can be stacked higher, straighter and steadier – both on the pallet and on the packing machine.


Think Closability

With no front flap, the new Plus Pack™ closes much faster on the packing machine, which makes the packaging process more efficient than ever.

Flaps away! The new Plus Pack™, E3210, closes more easily without a flap and doesn't get out of shape.

Think Sustainability

Nearly 10 % lighter without the flap, the new 10-egg pack cuts CO2 production and transport emissions.

It uses less raw material, meaning less waste and lower disposal fees for packers and egg marketers.

And since more units can be packed on the pallet, it needs less warehouse space.

* An example of a CO2 footprint calculation shows a reduction of 8%
based on:

  • Production unit:
    Hartmann plant in Hungary (based on the 2020 emission factor)
  • Delivery distance: 1,000 km
  • Delivery quantity: 10,000 pieces


Think Saleability

The new Plus Pack™ has loads more impact on the shelf. We’ve built in lots more advertising space for you – 9.5 % more for direct print and an extra 6.5 % for your labels.

E3210 printed: Plus 31.7% on the front side

Plus 5.9% on the top side

+/- 0% on the rear side

So, what’s not to love about a pack that performs excellent on the machine, is kinder to the planet and sells more eggs? There’s no end of pluses to the new Plus Pack™.

The picture shows the new E3210 with label

One product - one name

Until now, we’ve called directly printed cartons Plus Pack™, and labelled cartons Mini Poster Pack™.

Since the market launch in 2020 they’re all just called Plus Pack™.

Just like its predecessor, the new Plus Pack™ is only available in the EMEA market.

Product Sizes

The new Plus Pack™ is available for 6, 10 and 12 eggs.

However, we still offer special pack sizes for 4 eggs or for 15 and 18 eggs in the traditional, well-proven Plus Pack™ version. 

22 January 2021
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