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Plus Pack™

The Next Generation

All the best features of a timeless classic, directly printed or labelled and optimised for all farm packing lines.

Think Profitability

Better Packing-line Efficiency
Lighter, stronger and more stackable, faster, flap-free closing – the new Plus Pack™ is built to fly through your packing station process.

More Sales Appeal
It’s built to fly off the supermarket shelves, too. With more marketing space and a fabulous colour range, your eggs will always stand out from the crowd.

More Environmentally Friendly
The new pack uses less raw material – meaning more packs on the truck, less warehouse space and lower waste disposal fees.


2x6 Plus Pack™E3512
104 mm
69 mm
306 mm
1x10 Plus Pack™E3210
105 mm
69 mm
247 mm
1x12 Plus Pack™E3712
105 mm
69 mm
296 mm
Product Description

Our Plus Pack™ egg packaging was hugely popular for more than 30 years – but the world keeps turning and demands new standards.

Point of Sale
With more advertising space we’ve built loads more shelf-impact into the new Plus Pack™ range –  up to 10.8% more for direct print and up to 7.6% for your labels.

Packing Station
With a flap-free closing mechanism, stronger, lighter construction and more stable stackability, our Plus Pack™ can be stacked higher on the packing machine and closed more easily. More egg cartons on the pallet help maximising packer’s storage efficiency. 

Use the Download Service for machine settings and other specifications. 

Find the traditional Plus Pack™ range for 4, 15 and 18 eggs here

More and more customers are becoming aware of forest stewardship and carbon emissions. Hartmann is committed to product certifications that guarantee our responsibility and pledge to produce and deliver sustainable products and services that comply with international standards.

Dielines / Module Sizes

All new Plus Pack™ dielines / module sizes are available in two file formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Illustrator (ai) CS6 or later versions. You can also download both formats by clicking on the ZIP file.

Product Data Sheet

Product specifications in multiple languages.

Colour Charts

Selected pantone colours for direct print.


Label & direct print options.