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Mainly used for transport, protective egg trays are available for different standards and different egg sizes.

Think Practicality and Protection

Excellent Protection
Egg trays satisfy even the most specialised demands for protection, logistics and transport.

Multiple Use
Egg trays are ideal for the collection or the reselling of eggs of all sizes and run effectively on the packing machine.

Choice of Sizes
You can choose between egg trays for different egg sizes.

1x20 Tray25 Lbs XL T07
292 mm
53 mm
292 mm
1x30 TrayEggtec UNIC T10
292 mm
48 mm
292 mm
1x30 Tray Eurotray T01
296 mm
45 mm
296 mm
1x30 TrayFamily Pack T30
253 mm
35,2 mm
298 mm
Product Description

The Eggtec series for 30 eggs is the newest generation of Hartmann egg trays and has been designed for first-class protection during egg transportation.

Point of Sale
Trays are ideal for the collection or the reselling of eggs of all sizes. Standard trays for egg weights ranging from L to XL are a popular choice in the lower priced segment or for promotions, while Eggtec and Eurotrays offer a choice of S, M and L.

Packing Station
Trays satisfy important demands such as protection, logistics and transportation. The Eggtec series save space with a big reduction of the denester height. Use the download service for machine settings and other specifications.


More and more customers are becoming aware of forest stewardship and carbon emissions. Hartmann is committed to product certifications that guarantee our responsibility and pledge to produce and deliver sustainable products and services that comply with international standards.

Product Data Sheet

Product specifications in multiple languages.