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Customer Services

You can depend on Hartmann as a partner who is committed to finding the best solutions for your particular needs.

Think Value - Raise the Bar

  • Decide
    Use knowledge and experience gained over more than 70 years to find solutions for today and tomorrow.

  • Improve
    Draw on Hartmann’s expertise to achieve energy savings, boost performance and a short payback time.

  • Succeed
    Use our highly trained staff to identify key spare parts in order to maintain the highest level of performance.
Wide Range of Services

You have access to a complete range of upgrade equipment and services enabling you to get the most out of your Hartmann moulded fibre production base.

  • Spare parts supply and services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Service and maintenance training
  • Operator training
  • Technical assistance
  • Energy optimisation
  • Quality improvements
  • Production performance optimisation
  • Training and education
  • Technical review
  • Expert assistance and consultancy
  • Upgrading of existing machinery
  • Capacity extension
  • Engineering
  • Technology supply
Contact Your Hartmann Technology Specialist
Contact Susanne Charlotte Hansen to discuss which customer services are relevant for you.

Susanne Charlotte Hansen

Coordinator, Hartmann Technology

Phone +45 45 97 01 22