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Fresh Pack™

Lower Price Segment

A classic among egg cartons, Fresh Pack™ is the preferred choice for lower priced egg cartons or discount egg cartons.

Think Freshness

Straightforward and Simple
Fresh Pack™ is the traditional design for the lower priced or discount segment.

Freshness at First Glance
The open “windows” on the top signal freshness and display the colour of the eggs.

Sustainable Choice
Fresh Pack™ helps you to offer a sustainable solution for your low price eggs at an affordable price.

1x10 Fresh Pack™E3810
105 mm
69 mm
248 mm
Product Description

Fresh Pack™ is known for its sturdy design and for its robust and reliable product protection. Its distinctive windows represent freshness in the lower priced segment.

Point of Sale
Fresh Pack™ is a traditional and sustainable moulded fibre egg carton made from recycled paper. The print in rich colours on the top, front and rear clearly conveys the product statement.

Packing Station
Fresh Pack™ features button closure and is designed for S, M and L weight classes. Use the Download Service for machine settings and other specifications.


More and more customers are becoming aware of forest stewardship and carbon emissions. Hartmann is committed to product certifications that guarantee our responsibility and pledge to produce and deliver sustainable products and services that comply with international standards.

Dielines / Module Sizes

The Fresh Pack™ dieline / module size is available in two file formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Illustrator (ai) CS6 or later versions. You can also download both formats by clicking on the ZIP file.

  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Illustrator (ai) All files (ZIP)
Direct Print DP 1x10 Fresh Pack.PDF DP 1x10 Fresh DP 1x10 Fresh


Product Data Sheet

Product specifications in multiple languages.

Colour Charts

Selected pantone colours for direct print.


Label & direct print options.