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Sustainable Egg Cartons Make an Appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Together with the American Egg Farmers (AEF) Hartmann sponsored the event in 2024

06 May 2024
Stairway to Heaven - A new Step in Sustainable Production

The environmental and creative side of industrial innovation

06 May 2024
Hartmann’s new colour assortment for Europe

Attractive colours can really boost your egg sales

01 March 2024
Plus View™ – Sustainability Meets Innovation

A unique, revolutionary design

13 December 2023
New creative direction for UK's Freshlay Farms Brand

How packaging turns to gold for Noble Food's speciality free-range eggs

11 December 2023
Milestone in Hartmann's Sustainability journey

We've had our science-based emission target approved

14 November 2023
A partnership united in one Hartmann package

Löwendorf Geflügelhof teams up with ice hockey team Eisbären Berlin

06 November 2023
New energy competency centre for Hartmann

How the new competency centre in Kolding, Denmark, aims to achieve our ambitious sustainability targets

01 November 2023
Coop Naturafarm

Hartmann pack gives free range to hen-friendly Swiss egg brand

05 July 2023
Bringing their “A” Game

How APF changed the game in egg marketing

05 July 2023
America’s first CO₂ neutral eggs find the perfect pack

The first carbon neutral eggs in the U.S. hit the shelves in Hartmann packaging

05 July 2023
Our newest innovation – MyArtworks

MyAsset becomes MyArtworks

16 June 2023
Sustainability Report 2022

Enhancing sustainability efforts in an extraordinarily challenging year

01 June 2023
Egg Innovations - Helpful Hens

Saving the planet with a little help from our feathered friends

27 February 2023
Bio-Bel: The Belgian byword for organic eggs

Delicious eggs, irresistible packaging

27 February 2023
United Kingdom – where the free range egg is king

A kingdom of free range eggs in Europe

27 February 2023
Fürstenhof celebrates 10 years of saving chicks

Two sisters are the pioneers of the brother hen concept

27 February 2023
Sustainability has many shades

Improved colours in our PlusPack™ assortment

03 November 2022
New product concept in summer 2022 for ALDI Germany

Hartmann’s creative team has developed together with our customer Columbus Frischei a very new egg product concept for Germanys well-known retailer ALDI.

03 November 2022
Hartmann Ács – How a small Hungarian town developed into a global player

Hartmann’s Hungarian subsidiary is now the world’s largest egg packaging production plant by volume.

03 November 2022
The whole sustainable package

20 years of helping a Canadian customer achieve all-round sustainability

17 May 2022
Groundbreaking German farmer goes carbon neutral

How we initiated Germany's first carbon neutral egg.

07 April 2022
Vision 365: the IEC's plan to make egg nutrition popular again

A 10-year programme with the goal of doubling global egg consumption.

07 April 2022
Prego Signora! Italian egg consumers ask and Hartmann helps La Masera deliver.

Because "il cliente" is always right.

07 April 2022
SANOVO and Hartmann

Two companies working in harmony on your production line.

07 April 2022
Schmutte brings big packaging capability to the small farm

Discover the new labelling machine.

07 April 2022
Reach for the "stars"!

How the UN says the egg’s value to humanity is sky high.

29 November 2021
Great-great granddaughter inspires great, great packaging

You’re going to love this story about five generations of women living on their family farm.

29 November 2021
Eggs from hens’ paradise find a packaging match made in heaven

How mobile henhouses drive more sustainable farming, and how our packaging drove their egg sales.

29 November 2021
New packaging gives family appeal to German brand Owi-Ei

How we built emotional appeal into an 18-egg pack designed for big households.

29 November 2021
Bold new packaging highlights German animal welfare initiative

How retailer REWE says "nein! zum Kükentöten" (no! to chick culling) on a new designed carton for their private label of barn eggs.

10 November 2021
Big eggs, little eggs, eco-friendly box

French brand Matines puts all its eggs in one basket.

08 October 2021
Celebrate World Egg Day!

Eggs for all: Nature's perfect package

08 October 2021
Fresh new label turbocharges eggs from mobile henhouses

How eggs from German egg producer Hof Kipp are standing out on supermarket shelves.

08 October 2021
Customized packaging brings vital improvements

How Hartmann helped the US American Vital Farms achieve their sustainable packaging goals.

08 October 2021
Blue sky thinking produces star solution for French egg producer

How Hartmann helped a small organic egg brand reach for the stars.

02 July 2021
You don’t have to be a big egg producer to use Hartmann's sustainable cartons

How a family-run online shop is making our packaging accessible to small producers in the US.

02 July 2021
Celebrating 30 golden years

How Hartmann Hungary grew a small provincial factory into a major player.

02 July 2021
A birds-eye view of egg consumers in Germany

Read about Hartmann’s survey of the German egg-buying public.

02 July 2021
Conscious consumers demand more from produce

How can we protect our produce and planet?

22 June 2021
Insights into the European egg market

How the egg market coped in 2020 and what we can look forward to in the near future.

24 March 2021
Spare the boys, help the planet

Cocorette becomes the first national brand in France to end chick killing.

24 March 2021
World class and worldwide:

Hartmann invests in better global production to become even more powerful.

22 January 2021
It's goodbye to the Mini Poster Pack™...

...and hello to the new Plus Pack™.

22 January 2021
Danes: The organic aficionados

Hartmann's latest industry report shows Danes are the world's biggest fans of organic eggs.

06 July 2020
Big message: Small label

German retailer REWE illustrates how to say a lot with limited space.

03 March 2020
A fresh breath of creativity

Meet our new Marketing Director who talks about her creative ideas at Hartmann in a personal interview.

03 March 2020
Natural coloured shell eggs are a high-end hit

Organic French farm expands into unique shell eggs.

03 March 2020
More than a packaging manufacturer

Hartmann Technology celebrates a key milestone.

03 March 2020


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