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Consciously packing fresh food 

Environmental stewardship for MAP applications.
Transformation made easy!



The sustainable way to keep food fresh

This new product concept builds on the successful transition from plastic to fibre, as proven in the egg category. Fresh food in MAP applications requires both high-speed industrial performance and perfect protection of the food content. FiberWise™ combines this perfectly with minimal use of plastic and the strength of recycled fibre.

FiberWise™ F5N00F5N00
FiberWise™ F2N00F2N00
Choose wise - choose Fiber


  • Conversion from plastic to recycled fibre

  • Safe choice for MAP applications

  • 100% food safe

  • Suitable for microwaves use

FiberWise™ at a glance

Technical Performance

The FiberWise™ tray is designed to:

  • provide high output & speed

  • maintain shelf life & food safety

  • ensure strong & stable handling

  • avoid the need for new equipment

Plug and Play system - TRANSITION MADE EASY

Point of Sale

Ultimately, the consumer decides what lands in the shopping basket. Fibre-based packaging appeals to the eco-conscious consumer intuitively with no need for long explanation. The green transition from plastic to fiber has already started in other categories: just look at our Plus View™.
Enable Environmental Stewardship with the easy separation guidance. Engage with the consumer through FiberWise™.

Environmental Benefits
  • FiberWise™ is made from used newspaper and a thin oxygen barrier layer

  • taps into well-established recycling infrastructure

  • reduces plastic by >70% compared to conventional plastic trays

  • materials are easy to separate to keep the loop as pure as possible

  • ensures efficient recycling all the way
The Upcycling Story

Upcycling waste into premium packaging for eggs and fruit has been the expertise of Hartmann since the mid-1960s. The high-output "rough-moulded" fibre technology familiar in egg packaging has now been expanded to meet the growing demand for sustainable packaging within the sensitive fresh food sector in MAP applications.

Contact Your FiberWise™ Specialist
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our new fresh food product concept FiberWise™ or want to know more about Hartmann.

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