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High Shelf Visibility

Striking colours, three different sizes and an emotional design with high-quality graphics make this successful package stand out on the shelf.

Think Quality and Tradition

High Communication Impact and Striking Consumer Appeal
A high-quality surface with a large advertising space for labelling and direct print makes room for crisp graphics and text in many striking colours.

Outstanding Machine Compatibility
imagic® means smoother and more efficient packing with high runability and compatibility with all packing machine standards.

Reliable and Strong with Easy Opening and Closing
Excellent product protection with click-closing using a special button.

2x6 imagic®E9812
105 mm
69 mm
300 mm
1x10 imagic®E9910
105 mm
69 mm
246 mm
1x12 imagic®E9212
105 mm
69 mm
294 mm
Product Description

With its stable and protective egg-shaped design and the convenient and special button for safe opening and closing, imagic® is available in many shapes and sizes – for 2 x 6, 10 and 12 eggs.

Point of Sale
imagic® is a high-quality egg carton that is well-suited for premium eggs in the premium price segment as well as for mid-range and private label products. You can choose between labels with large advertising space for high-quality, full-colour graphics and direct printing. A wide choice of colours and crisp graphics combined with an emotional design to provide a powerful signal effect and high shelf visibility.

Packing Station
The outstanding machine compatibility of imagic® means high runability and compatibility with packing machine standards. This ensures high capacity as well as smoother and more efficient packing. Use the download service for machine settings and other specifications.

More and more customers are becoming aware of forest stewardship and carbon emissions. Hartmann is committed to product certifications that guarantee our responsibility and pledge to produce and deliver sustainable products and services that comply with international standards.

Dielines / Module Sizes

All imagic® dielines / module sizes are available in two file formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Illustrator (ai) CS6 or later versions. You can also download both formats by clicking on the ZIP file.

Product Data Sheet

Product specifications in multiple languages.

Colour Charts

Selected pantone colours for direct print.


Label & direct print options.