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Mould Programme

You can choose from a large variety of moulds for the production of traditional moulded fibre packaging. Hartmann moulds are designed, manufactured and tested at our own production facilities.

Think Value - Raise the Bar

  • Large Variety
    Choose between trays, cartons and other types of moulded fibre packaging moulds.

  • Quality
    Uniquely high production performance, correct outer product dimensions.

  • Reliability
    Stringent testing for outstanding mould and tools service life.
Egg Trays

Traditional egg trays in a wide variety of sizes.

Retail Egg Cartons

Moulds for cartons containing 10, 12, 15, 18, 2x4 and 2x6 eggs.

Other Products

In addition to egg trays and egg cartons, you can find a wide range of moulds for other products including apple trays, berry trays, melon trays, hospital bowls, etc.


Contact Your Hartmann Technology Specialist
Contact Susanne Charlotte Hansen for more information about the wide range available in the Hartmann Mould Programme.

Susanne Charlotte Hansen

Coordinator, Hartmann Technology

Phone +45 45 97 01 22