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Think Sustainability

We are committed to the UN Global Compact and have integrated its ten principles in our strategy, culture and daily practices.

Think Sustainability

The Most Comprehensive Understanding

Many people believe that sustainability has to do with the environment. However, for us, sustainability has a much wider scope. In addition to caring for our environment and our planet, sustainability also means caring for the people whose lives we touch and, as a successful business, for our customers, our employees and our investors, too.

Minimising Environmental Impact

Our sustainable packaging consists exclusively of moulded fibre made from recycled paper. Moulded fibre is biodegradable and can be recycled again after use. Wastewater and emissions from our production facilities are tightly monitored.

Giving Back What We Take from Nature

FSC® certification is a significant feature of the Hartmann moulded fibre sustainable packaging solution, preferred over plastic packaging by seven out of ten consumers.

Minimising Carbon Emissions

We are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases through our carbon-neutral energy policy of minimum emission. Carbon-neutral packaging offers the best chance of differentiation at point of sale.

Human Rights and Labour Rights

We are committed to the UN Global Compact and have integrated its principles concerning human rights and labour rights. As a result, we ensure safety, health and fairness to our employees and initiate actions to support the society around us.

Our Business and Investors

We are committed to transparency and long-term sustainability in our activities and practices, ensuring a healthy and secure business future as well as a healthy return on investment for our investors.

Communication on Progress

Submitting an annual COP is a reiteration of our commitment to the UN Global Compact. It provides valuable information for stakeholders interested in environmental, social and governance information.

Year COP
2022 Download
2021 Download
2020 Download
Year COP
2019 Download
2018 Download
2017 Download
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2009 Download


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Please contact us if you would like to know more about our approach to sustainability and our formal commitments.

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Regional Sales Manager, Marketing and Sustainability

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