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Think Moulded Fibre

Moulded fibre is manufactured from paper-based material, such as newspaper, that meets sustainable protection and marketing requirements.



Hartmann Moulded Fibre Packaging

  • Performs well on all machine types
  • Always high-quality packaging with no variation
  • Excellent product protection
  • Smooth surface for better colours or direct print
  • Opportunities for creative label design for advertising space
Ten Good Reasons for Moulded Fibre
  • Recyclable 
    Moulded fibre is 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, less than 15% of polystyrene foam and plastic is recycled, often leading to lower-quality plastic with limited usability
  • Renewable
    Made from renewable resources, moulded fibre helps to protect limited resources. Plastic is derived from non-renewable sources.

  • Carbon Neutral
    The raw material of moulded fibre packaging is considered carbon neutral. Plastic has a significant carbon footprint. The raw material of recycled paper is considered carbon neutral according to the allocation-based method provided by the GHGP and results in a CO2e emission factor of zero.

  • Biodegradable
    Moulded fibre egg packaging is fully compostable in industrial processes and certified according to European Standard EN 13432. Moulded fibre packaging undergoes a degradation process by the action of naturally occurring microorganisms. Along with all plant-based materials, they slowly break down into organic components until they can be consumed on a microscopic level. It takes a long time for plastic to disintegrate. Otherwise, it is incinerated along with other non-recyclable waste.

  • Less waste
    Recycling saves precious resources and waste disposal. Plastic and polystyrene impact precious resources.
  • Protective Packaging
    Unlike plastics, moulded fibre cushions protect and absorb shocks due to their ability to compress. Having well-protected eggs in moulded fibre cartons means fewer eggs are damaged in transportation and distribution. Less damage means also less food waste.

  • Absorbs Moisture
    Prevents condensation and mould on eggshells. Plastic and polystyrene are non-absorbent.

  • Saleability
    Various carton shapes and colours with high-quality print and graphics attract consumers. Plastic does not allow high-quality direct printing.

  • Sustainability
    Environmental friendliness is a key differentiator for moulded fibre over plastics and polystyrene foam.
  • Consumer Preferences
    Ongoing surveys show moulded fibre egg packaging is the clear favourite compared to other materials.