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Taking the Lead with Consumer Insights

We strive to give our customers and business partners the tools to compete at the highest level in a fast-moving world – making our qualitative market research, trend analysis and consumer insights available to all who need it.

Think Consumer Insights

Benefit from Insider Knowledge
Hartmann is so much more than a maker of sustainable egg packaging. We’ve been at the global forefront for so long now that we’re the go-to egg marketing experts. But more important, we’re happy to share our knowledge for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

You Get What Consumers Want
The segmentation is based on numerous characteristics, such as grocery shopping, purchasing criteria, egg usage and packaging preferences. Also, various key dimensions such as engagement, price sensitivity, nature & ethics and brand awareness.

Egg Buyers Unscrambled

Characteristics vary among shoppers; but after comprehensive analysis the GfK was able to identify 7 egg buyer target segments and their purchasing behaviour.

Seven Types of Egg Consumers
Depending on how interested the buyer is in the egg product and how much involvement there is when buying eggs, the segments can be summarised in the following groups:

  • High Engagement
  • Low Price Sensitivity
  • Medium Nature & Ethics
Quality & Welfare
  • Medium Engagement
  • Lowest Price Sensitivity
  • High Nature & Ethics
Brand Conscious
  • Highest Brand Consciousness
  • Low Nature & Ethics
  • Low Engagement
Basic Buyer
  • Lowest Brand Consciousness
  • Highest Price Sensitivity
  • High Engagement

Average Joe/Jane
  • Low Nature & Ethics
  • Medium Price Sensitivity
  • Medium Engagement
Uninterested Low-Cost
  • Low Engagement
  • Low Brand Consciousness
  • Highest Price Sensitivity
  • Lowest Engagement
  • Medium Price Sensitivity
  • Low Nature & Ethics
Benefit from consumer segmentation

Knowing the segments allows you to match your egg ranges, evolve your pricing strategy, choose the right carton types and create the best possible design for your egg carton. 

You want your new egg concept to be listed at a supermarket chain? Great. You can use the data to find good arguments to convince retail purchasers and category managers. 

As a retailer, you’ll get the data on how to optimise your egg assortment, strengthen your private label brands and build on your egg category management.

Consumer segmentation studies for the egg category are available for 13 European countries and 4 American states:

Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Italy | Norway | Poland | Sweden | Switzerland | UK
California | New York | Pennsylvania | Texas

Survey Methodology

Hartmann regularly surveys egg consumers in order to provide business partners from both, the egg industry and the retail trade, with sound advice. We have been cooperating with the market research institute GfK since 2011 to conduct the consumer studies.

The statements are based on the responses of a total of 1,000 people per country/state. This is always a representative sample of grocery shoppers in terms of age, gender and region. All respondents had personally bought eggs at least once in the last 3 months. 

They were asked to fill out a 25-minute questionnaire about their egg shopping habits as part of an online survey. 

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