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Plus View™

It's showtime

The brilliant new plastic-free packaging solution shows coloured and hard-boiled eggs at their best



Think Increased Sales

More visibility = more sales
The new Plus View™ is going to create a great sensation at the point of sale.
It´s open design creates loads more shelf impact – and still lots of space for advertising space. So it optimises the balance between branding and standout – and it means your eggs will catch the shopper’s eye from a distance.


1x10 Plus View™E1B10
Product Description

With its unique design, Plus View™ is the perfect new plastic-free packaging solution.  It’s strong and impressively stackable, allows loads of advertising space, and yet its open design shows coloured and hard-boiled eggs at their best.

Point of Sale

The new Plus View™ let your product do the talking – but it’s also got plenty of space for you to say what you need to! With large windows on both the front and top, they make sure the product is unmissable, but we’ve also built in more marketing space on both the top and rear side – so you don’t have to compromise on either branding or standout.

Packing Station

The Plus View™ concept was a natural progression from our market-changing Plus Pack™ — improved and modernized over the years. Its huge popularity stemmed from its robust, sustainable protection for eggs. Over time, we strengthened the pack, giving it a lower denesting height and eight denesters in the corners – so that more packs could be stacked higher, straighter and steadier. And best of all, it goes through your packing machines just as fast as your plastic packs, with minimal or no adjustment.


More and more customers are becoming aware of forest stewardship and carbon emissions. Hartmann is committed to product certifications that guarantee our responsibility and pledge to produce and deliver sustainable products and services that comply with international standards.

Dielines / Module Sizes

Plus View™ is only available with lables without inlid prints. These are available in two file formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Illustrator (ai) CS6 or later versions. You can also download both formats by clicking on the ZIP file.

  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Illustrator (ai) All files (ZIP)
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Plus View™ Brochure

Brochure in english

Product Data Sheet

Product specifications in multiple languages.


Label & direct print options.