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Our Social Responsibility

We are committed to the UN Global Compact’s principles on human and labour rights. We want to ensure safe and healthy work conditions for our workers and strive to leave a positive impact on people across our value chain.


Creating safe and positive social impact

We promote the conditions outlined in the UN Global Compact’s human and labour rights principles in our value chain across all locations. The health and safety of our workers are of utmost importance to us, which is reflected in our declining injury rate.



The people involved in our operations are key to our continued growth and responsible business conduct, which is why we want to ensure our activities are responsible and safe for the people in our value chain.

Zero Work-related Accidents

We protect our employees through investments in technology, safety training, and optimisation of processes in the workplace. Our Code of Conduct must ensure that ethical behaviour is embedded in our interactions with colleagues, our suppliers, and third parties representing Hartmann.

We are committed to empower our employees and ensure that Hartmann is an attractive workplace for talents. We believe having a diverse group of employees comes with many great opportunities, however, the real task is ensuring a high degree of inclusion.

Ensure an Even Gender Distribution in Management

We are committed to ensure the inclusion of people with different skills, backgrounds, and genders, which we emphasise by working with the target of obtaining an even gender distribution (40/60) in management.

We strive to have at least 25% women in management by 2025 and at least 40% by 2030, as well as a Board of Directors of at least 40% women by 2025.


Customer Health and Safety

As a food packaging manufacturer, it is also of critical importance that our products in no way compromise the health and safety of our customers and end-consumers.

We maintain a relentless focus on monitoring, controlling, and testing our production processes and our end-products in accordance with applicable requirements for food safety.


Hartmann maintains the following certificates:

ISO 45001

Certificate for occupational health and safety management.

ISO 22000

Certificate for food safety management.