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Pre-Press Quality Checks

Print quality on labels or direct print egg cartons is important to success at the point of sale.

Think Attractiveness

Get It Right, the First Time and Every Time
Verification of your files through skilled graphic arts specialists ensures that what you see on your screen is exactly what the consumer sees on the egg carton.

What You Want is What You Get
Professional colour management means perfect-match prints and consistent reproduction throughout every print run.

What You See is What Consumers Want

Optimised artwork and print result in clean images, clear barcodes and crisp copy that carry a message of quality, freshness and protection.

Pre-Press Quality Control

Aligning your printing needs to our labels and direct-print cartons is not as simple as you might think. There are many parameters that need to be checked and verified to make sure your design objectives translate properly on press. Solid pre-press quality control eliminates the guesswork, and confirms that your products carry the exact look your branding objectives demand.

Our design and pre-press workflow include multiple check points and validation measures for your protection and peace of mind. Our colour management processes and pre-press measures ensure aligned printing and consistent reproduction, regardless of your package or label selection – whether offset, litho or flexo.

Preflight Check

When you board a plane, the pilot makes a detailed preflight check before even thinking about take-off. Our preflight check of egg label graphics ensures once again that artwork has been optimised according to your package type – for example label print or direct print. Your product codes must be razor-sharp to avoid checkout delays; formats must be exact; your text must be proofread; brand colours need to tuned according to print type versus pack type; and regulatory compliance must be in order.

In short, you can rest assured that everything is in order by letting our specialists do all of this for you.