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Great-great granddaughter inspires great, great packaging

A story about cage-free Omega-3 eggs from a US poultry farm that’s been trusted for generations

Oakdell Egg Farms is a family-run chicken farm in America that produces a range of welfare-friendly eggs, including cage-free and organic brown eggs. By feeding hens a special diet, they also supply Omega-3 eggs, which are said to endow health benefits (such as promoting good eye health and protecting from heart disease and dementia), thanks to the higher amount of essential fatty acids they contain.

To commemorate their 115th anniversary, Oakdell approached Hartmann to create a very special piece of packaging.


Hartmann's creative support produced this outstanding, heartwarming design

The pack they chose as the basis for the design was the HartTop 12 - a special flat-top pack with loads of marketing space. They wanted us to create a special label that would celebrate the long tradition of egg-production at Oakdell Egg Farms and truly really stand out from the norm.

So to represent the 5 proud generations of egg farmers, they chose Grandma Zelma and little Zelma - respectively the most senior, and the youngest living members of the family.

The design incorporates a wonderful photo of Grandma Zelma at age 95 and little Zelma, age 2 together, as a thank-you nod to consumers for having trusted the family to provide farm-fresh, high-quality eggs for generations.

Since their launch, Zelmas’ egg cartons have been available in major grocery chains such as Smith’s/Kroger, Costco, Harmons, WinCo, Whole Foods, plus Associated Food Stores, including Dick’s, Dan’s, Fresh Market, Lee’s, Lin’s, Macey’s, and other independent grocers.

The emotional appeal of this carton design is supported by the legend, “From Our Family to Yours”.

“I think we were the first egg company in the Western US to go 100% with Hartmann more than 15 years ago. They simply had a better carton, were willing to work with us and treated us fairly as they helped us and we helped them. But the added value they bring in design and marketing expertise has been a big help to our business over the years. We’ve always been able to rely on their creative service to come up with new designs. And this special anniversary design was no exception – we were blown away.”

Cliff Lillywhite, President and Co-Owner, Oakdell Farms

About Oakdell Egg Farms

When Cecil Woodward married Zelma in 1905, they heard the patter of tiny feet sooner than they expected – because his new father-in-law sent him a gift of 10 chickens! The couple took to raising chickens…ahem, like ducks to water. The flock grew and grew and grew — until today it’s one of the largest egg laying operation in the Intermountain West.

As the Woodwards had ‘chicks’ of their own, their sons Paul and Marlow joined the business, and eventually teamed up to create what is now Oakdell Egg Farms. The current management team includes three of Paul’s sons, Dave, Mark and Todd, and Cliff Lillywhite a son-in-law as well as several other family members.

Although Oakdell Egg Farms may seem huge to some, they’re still family-owned and operated. Oakdell Egg Farms’ mission has been, and always will be, to supply fresh, high-quality eggs to the market while remaining responsible stewards of the environment.

How the American like their eggs

The population of USA is about 331 million. On average, each person consumed 287 eggs in 2020, making the US one of highest egg-consuming countries in the world.

29 November 2021
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