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Moulding Machines

In addition to low energy consumption and low production costs, you can expect the very best quality, reliability and efficiency from Hartmann moulding machines. Capacities range from 5 to 30 tonnes/24 h of 30-egg trays.

Think Value – Raise the Bar

  • Lower Costs
    Flexibility that helps you reduce energy consumption and water costs.

  • Sustainability
    Full range of sustainable pulp cleaning, water cleaning and water drainage facilities.

  • Service and Support
    Help with optimising constant product quality and performance from your moulding machines.
Reliable operation and minimised downtime
Optimised processes and procedures
Effective water treatment and management
Constant high level product quality and uniform shape
Effective pulp cleaning equipment
Efficient raw material handling
Moulding Machine Programme


Type Max. Capacity Yearly Net Output  
1434 5-5.5 tonnes/24h 27 million pcs egg trays/year Details
1144 7-7.5 tonnes/24h 36 million pcs egg trays/year Details
1396 10-11 tonnes/24h 54 million pcs egg trays/year Details
0420 15-17 tonnes/24h 88 million pcs egg trays/year Details
0580 25-30 tonnes/24h 146 million pcs egg trays/year Details



Contact Your Hartmann Technology Specialist
Contact Susanne Charlotte Hansen to discuss your moulded fibre packaging production needs.

Susanne Charlotte Hansen

Coordinator, Hartmann Technology

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