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Celebrate World Egg Day!

It’s come round (or oval at least) again! Yes, it’s World Egg Day!

Once more we’re proud to support the special day when egg lovers around the world come together in celebration of these elliptical packages of loveliness.

According to nutritionists, eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense natural food sources. And as any chef knows, they’re also the most versatile. So they’re basically a great big, yummy vitamin pill – the highest quality protein you can buy, with a cocktail of the minerals and essential vitamins we all need for a healthy diet.


Just look at the goodness packed into these little health bombs: the yolks alone are one of the few naturally good sources of Vitamin D, for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

There’s also Vitamin A - for the healthy development of the body’s cells, including skin and eye tissue; Vitamin B12 - for the for the immune system and formation of red blood cells; Choline - vital for the proper function of nerves and muscles, and loads more we haven’t got space for here – but there’s plenty of space in an egg for!

What’s more, an egg is one of the most environmentally sustainable and affordable animal-sources protein on the planet - and its goodness can be absorbed by anyone from newborns (it’s great for early brain development) to old timers (eyes, bones, heart and brain function).

And on a global scale, they’re among the most valuable sources of income in rural areas around the world, as well as one of the most sustainable and bio-efficient forms of farming.

In every important respect, eggs definitely bring home the bacon! So, celebrate World Egg Day with Hartmann - Friday 8th October 2021.

And this year, it’s extra-special, because it’s the 25th Anniversary. That’s right - we’ve been celebrating the humble, wonderful egg for a quarter of a century now.


But millions of the people we rely on for eggs over the world, rely on Hartmann to get them from the henhouse to the home safely. They rely on our 100 years of knowledge and experience. Our super-protective, environmentally-friendly packaging. Our up-to-the minute know-how of the latest market trends and how to sell more through packaging designs.

Join Hartmann in celebrating this amazing little gift of nature. Raise a cup of tea to it, and maybe get your kids involved too, with this little crafting workshop we’ve put together for you: Egg carton pumpkin tutorial

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What is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day is the one day of the year when the world turns egg-shaped. Established in Vienna in 1996 to promote the benefits of eggs and their value in human nutrition, it’s now a worldwide celebration.

On the second Friday in October every year, egg lovers and the egg industry come together to promote the virtues of this natural wonder food.

World Egg Day is organised by the International Egg Commission (IEC) – the organisation that represents the egg industry globally.

08 October 2021
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