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New packaging gives family appeal to German brand Owi-Ei

Owi-Ei is an association of egg producers in Western Germany. It’s centred around a farm called Hof Determeyer with the aim of promoting and supporting the region’s egg producers, retailers and farmers. It’s a brand rooted in strong ethics – striving to minimise transportation footprint from farm to sale and using GMO-free feed to produce eggs of higher nutritional value.

The various member farms send their eggs to Hof Determeyer’s packing station to be sorted and packaged - along with Determeyer’s own eggs - under the umbrella brand "Owi-Ei". They’re then delivered to stores, smaller retailers (e.g. market stalls) and restaurants under this single brand livery. 

Big shoppers need a big pack

Larger egg pack sizes are not yet very common in German supermarkets, but demand is rising nonetheless – and there are certainly a good number of big families out there. So Owi-Ei has created a special 18-egg FamilyPack to enable these shoppers to fill their family’s egg needs in one go, without having to buy multiple packs.


A pack that appeals on both rational and emotional levels

Since Owi-Ei already use Hartmann imagic® and imagic moulded-fibre egg cartons across their whole range, it was a no-brainer to pick the Hartmann Plus Pack™ 18-egg carton. It’s a traditional-but-smart, farmhouse-style egg carton, conveying farm-freshness while giving ample marketing space for enticing images and crisp, easy-to-read text.

And that imagery is where Hartmann’s strengths come to the fore again.

The customer wanted our creative service to design an appealing label that clearly and simply communicated the special feature of the new product - that this is not a carton with extra-large eggs, but one with more eggs inside.

Our designers more than delivered, with a stunning design incorporating a dominant number "18" framed by an orange heart. But they also added layers of emotional appeal.

Owi-Ei wanted the design to reflect the fact that it was a FamilyPack – so the finished label creates an idyllic family feeling, depicting a mother baking and having fun with her daughter.

The product can be bought in Netto supermarkets. And with its international product name “FamilyPack”, it’s set to appeal to a variety of multi-cultural end consumers across Germany. 

Hartmann are both easy going and inspiring to work with. We’ve always been impressed with the graphics department and they’ve always given us great solutions.

Thomas Determeyer
Hof Determeyer

How the German like their eggs

The population of Germany is around 83 million. On average, each person consumed 239 eggs in 2020 - one of the highest in Europe.

29 November 2021
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